Friday, June 3, 2011

Buxton takes over The North Bar in Leeds.......

Now I didnt even plan on going to Buxton takes over north bar launch today but as I was walking by to catch the bus I decided to walk in and to be honest Im glad I did. Its good to see a brewer that sticks to their guns and brews beer that they are proud of not a beer that is safe and boring. Tonight I tried a 5.5 black IPA (black rock) which Im guessing is a new craze among brewers and a 6.8 Double IPA (axe edge) that was surprisingly drinkable. They also had moor top and another beer that has escaped me so Im sorry. I normally shy away from the IPAs because the bite of some IPAs just make the damn things undrinkable.( I can hear the scoffs and can see the faces of the fabulous beer bloggers in Leeds over that last statement.)  I sat down with some of the beer bloggers of Leeds and Dean from Foleys and we sat and discussed the flavors of the beers well they discussed and I listened my palate doesnt compare to some of these quote unquote beer geeks. If you read my blog know that you will not get tasting notes but you will get my honest full opinion on the beer and if its drinkable.

Now on to the beers
Black rocks the most surprising Black IPA that ive tasted in a while this was not overly hoppy it was very drinkable and just overall a pleasure for your tastebuds.

Now to the star of the show the Ax Edge seemed to be everyone favorite in the entire bar a double IPA that drinks like a typical  Pale it doesnt seem like a 6.8 abv it drinks more like a 4 abv so its sneaky like a ninja. It easily goes down the throat and explodes with all types of flavor and hits every note that your looking for and some that your not. Everything that Zak Avery said in his video blog of this beer was spot on and his dangerously drinkability that he dubbed on this IPA is right on the money. I had the where withall to only drink a half of this beer but if you looked you could just tell this was the patrons beer of choice some of us got to sit down with the owner of the brewery whose name escapes me at the moment but he has some plans to do special brews with batch numbers and bottle numbers which is exciting. Dont hold me to that last statement but he seemed pretty confident that he plans on doing some unique type beers that got mine and some of the guys mouths watering and looking forward to a chance to taste something truly special is the distant future. Since I forgot his name I probably dont qualify but it was still something new to hear and something exciting to even be apart of.

So in closing:
Buxton Brewery is on the up and the beers they are producing are high good quality beers and hopefully they will be hitting a hand pump near you in the not so distant future. So as a new blogger to this town of leeds let me be one of the first to thank the North Bar and Buxton for putting on a great tasting event that got most of us licking our chops at a new brewery and some new brews.

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