Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Follow Up. Beer Launch!

smoked porker

So the beer that I brewed at Quantum for Friends of Ham with head brewer Jay is almost ready to be unleashed into the world, it even has a date and everything so without further ado.

We will be launching Smoked Porker a toasted marshmallow porter a hefty semi sweet smoked porter weighing in at a not modest 7.3%abv on the 28th of this very month. We will be launching it on cask and keg to connect with everyone cask lovers, keg lovers, and just lovers of good beer period, Ive also somehow convinced Jay to give me some other beer a beer brewed with Colin Stronge from Black Isle Brewery called SK2(also in cask and keg) its big its bad and its has a massive tropical almost opal fruit flavour. On top of that we will have another brewer in attendance Brian the bitch behind Bitches Brewery out of Huddersfield will also be there and we will have his Graduate IPA as well as the collab with Quantum the Chocolate/ Chili Stout that won the hearts at the now UK famous IndyMan Beer Con and yes we will be running it through a Randell full of chilies and yes it will be great. Look out for the same beer next year as we are going to barrel age it in one of the same cask SWB did their KopiKat so it will meld with the flavours of Coal Ila whiskey and the excellent beer that was the Imperial Vanilla Coffee Stout.

Do check out the new Friends Of Ham website as well, its quite clean looking, our designer Ross kept it simple and easy to use just the way we like it.

So I do hope you guys come down for the launch and come back and sample more so I can go brew beer with other brewers