Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Brews!

 Ive been lucky enough to be able to try a couple of people's home brew in the past few months since becoming a quote unquote beer geek. Ive had the pleasure of trying some Blue Suede Brews from Dean at @mrfoleys and recently I have tried the home brew taking Leeds by surprise from @broadfordbrewer. Now I don't have any picture of either beer which is something that I'm going to have to start doing so you guys can see what I see when drinking but I found Dean's Maple Stout very balanced and tasty. Until recently I was only drinking dark beers and I found Dean's beer to fit the mould in the things that I look for in a darker beer. It had a very nice dark look to it and tasted of what it said on the label. It wasn't sickly sweet but still had some depth and flavour that I over all enjoyed.

A couple of weeks ago before the birth of his twins @broadfordbrewer dropped off some bottles of his summer ale ReTweet to some of us beery people in Leeds at @beerritzleeds and I promised myself not to open it till I had some time to properly enjoy it. If you want some tasting notes on it check out @ghostdrinker blog and he hits them all to a tee, it even has a little intro to the beer from the brewer himself. I will say this beer had some quality clarity to it was super clear for a home brew. It seems like every sip I took I found something new and it struck me as a beer that I could happily sit in the garden or in the park and drink this all day. So keep up the good work there man and I'm sure if you continue to put out quality beers like this your dreams of becoming a brewer will be realized so keep reaching for that beery brass ring and I'm sure we will see your beers in shops very soon.