Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A bittersweet goodbye but an enthusiastic Hello!!!!

Now then for those of you that might have missed it, I have left the place that gave me my start in the wonderful world of beery goodness Mr Foley's Cask Ale House on the Headrow in Leeds. I was given the opportunity to cook and attempt to make my mark while cooking some good US themed food and possibly start a cool little theme on the menu by cooking most things with the beer on the bar. I started out slow with just adding beer to simple things like gravy and adding more and exciting beers to the freshly made beer batter for our fish, adding what every pub should do home cut chips that were pretty good if I do say so myself. Time goes on and people move on and I almost did that towards the beginning of this year but circumstances came up and things got in the way so I was offered a position within the company that didn't involve being around the kitchen and involved me getting behind the bar this wasn't before the Brooklyn Lunch that I attempted to give a special group of people from in and around Leeds a taste of my home paired with some pretty awesome beers. Fast forward a couple of months and a couple came into the bar and started speaking about a new bar that they were interested in opening in Leeds and I saw an opportunity that I couldn't pass up, I asked them if they were interested in taking a chance on someone that had a passion for great beer and it seems to get the ball rolling. Enter stage right a relationship was formed and greatness was born in the new "craft beer" bar in Leeds which is known as Friends of Ham. Now this place gives a whole new meaning to different. A bar that combines hand carved meat, fantastic cheese, superb wine and a beer selection that can please more people than it will disappoint. So July came and I left Foley's and started with F.O.H and its been a helluva a ride since we started. With passionate owners and a great team we are looking to bring you something new and hopefully open some eyes to the fact that beer is more than just your everyday lager and boring cask ales. So come on down to 4 New Station Street have some pig we will have a place for you.