Monday, May 28, 2012

Sometimes you just know its going to be alright

So this past weekend was Leeds Loves Food when a lot of independent and bigger food and beverage type people takeover Millennium Square and get the locals excited about sunshine and good products and even better food.
My lovefest is coming to a close with this great festival but only after I wondered up to Kirkstall Brewery's stand and saw somethings that I know would make a match made in food heaven. Sierra Nevada's mustard were on show now if you haven't got a chance to sample any of the three mustard and are a mustard lover I suggest you get you ass in gear and find some of these beauties. They make 3 that I know of and here is a picture. Now on my initial wander up to the stall I spied the Stout and Stoneground but my i know that a porter would compliment a certain NY Style Deli sandwich that I have been wanting for a while so I bought the Porter and Spicy Brown. While I chatted away I noticed the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale now this might be an ale reserved for the Winter months but I remember drinking it and I thought it was lovely so I made it mine and I was pretty damn excited about my food and beer matching. My sandwich consisted of a rustic knot bread, the porter mustard, pastrami, gherkins and a little bit of Philadelphia Cheese. Now this was an epic sandwich and one my taste buds just salivated over. So if you are in the market for a sandwich of epic tastiness and a beer to match this is your pairing.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Red Willow You need and want it in your BELLY!!!!

                                                                                  Now Ive been drinking Red Willow beers for the better part of a year now, since they hit the pumps at Mr. Foleys at first I didn't know what to think I wasn't a fan of IPA's and a DIPA known as Ageless hit the pumps and I was very skeptical, now to be completely honest the first time I had this beer I didnt like it but this was due to my inexperience of the greatness that is the brilliance of the IPA. Over the past few months of my full blown hophead graduation Ive come not only to like this beer but actually put it in the top beers that I actually look for in the pub. Now on to the second brew I tried to which is known as Smokeless a smoked porter that doesn't actually smell like sausages and has a smooth but a spicy aftertaste, probably due to the chilies that are added. These both hit the bar right around the same time and instantly created a stir with people wanting to know more about the brewery and more about the brewer, when we were going to get more in and how could they get there stomachs full of it again. Thankfully the reputation of the beers were stretched and other bars and bottle shops started to carry the beers that people were craving.

HeartlessFathomlessIve seemed to fast forward a bit with the last couple of sentences but its hard to contain the greatness that has become Red Willow the brewery brews a wide range of beers from your standard session ale which is known as Headless a 3.9% fruity, bitter, but refreshingly smooth pale ale to the monster that is known as Ageless which I raved enough about. Some of the beers really push the boat out things like Fathomless a true oyster stout that uses all the greatness of 300 or more oysters to brew and chocolate stout known as Heartless a 4.9% Chocolate Stout that is almost guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and make them submit is chocolaty goodness.

Faithless VIFaithless XIExperimental brews galore put their heads in with the Faithless Series things from a Thai Wheat beer or a Gin & Tonic Saison that just dance on your taste buds not quite pounding them into submission but making them think what the hell was that. The Faithless Series is something that can get a little silly but also make you think that you want more. The Faithless XI was stunning when drank fresh a big bad Black IPA coming in a hefty 7.2% but tasting like something weaker which puts it into the category of "Sneaky Ninja Beer" hopefully this beer will become a seasonal special but if it doesn't I'm glad I got a taste out of cask and bottle.

I got to make a small trip to the brewery the other day with a friend that also likes ham for a meet and greet/introduction to possibly supply a new bar with the superb brews. While there I was handed an unlabeled bottle that was one of 2 things it was a young version of Wreckless or superb sample of Ageless. Proud to say Toby it was a superb version of Ageless and Ive had nothing but this to drink while writing this blog so thanks for doing an awesome job at such a young age in brewery terms you are just a toddler, congratulations on the upcoming 200th brew looking forward to being a launch of it or just getting to pour the epic beer into a pint glass and throw it down my neck.

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