Sunday, April 22, 2012

Johnny Fontanes

I was invited to a Bloggers Dinner at a new and upcoming restaurant in Leeds just off Great George Street. Now I'm a man of high standards when it comes to my burgers seeing that it is an American staple and something I have built a reputation on at my job. We will start with the positives the place is what you would expect big open dining area, red and white checkered table cloths, and condiments in the middle of the table that I would like to see spin a lot smoother for an authentic feel. Prices are fantastic as well the main selling point is the burger, side, and drink deal they have on all day every day. A good selling point for the beer drinker in all of us is a decent selection of beer that they do for a great price of £2.99 the list includes favourites and memories of easy drinking American beers such as PBR, Anchor Steam and Brooklyn Lager. Now Ghostdrinker and I were admiring the Bourbon selection which was simple yet impressive with your better known bourbons but they have some impressive tipples like a 1998 Evan Williams Vintage and a 18 year old whisky. 
Now this is where I point out some of the negatives and I'm sorry for doing it as this place has a great promise but some of the things need a bit more polishing. I don't know if the way that we ordered is going to be standard but I think a wait service on the tables would be a bit more sufficient even if its just taking your order, but the buzzer things for your table is a very nice touch felt like I was in a restaurant at home. The menu states that all burgers are going to be served medium now this I have no issues with because I prefer my burger with a little bit of colour on the inside but if stated that its going to be a medium burger that is what I expect not well done not medium rare but medium and with the company I was with we had 4 very differently cooked burgers to which is no good. Consistency is a must when cooking burgers, I did have an issue with the chips as well the menu states the chips are hand cut but the look and feel like they have been pressed out by a cutter if I'm wrong on any of the things that I've misread I don't mind to be corrected. So they have some kinks to work out and I'm confident that they will work things out I will be going back in a couple of months time and I have high hopes for this place.

A friend of mine has written a review on this dinner as well and here is his take. @EisntCNeil

A side note I was impressed that they had a veggie option as sometimes Vegetarians get over looked in this day and age but I gave up meat to live a Veggies lifestyle for lent and it refreshing to see the veggies get a look see on the menu so they don't feel left out.