Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beer why argue?

 As of late I have been reading many blogs having to do with the UK beer debate between some of the many awesome beer bloggers and the fantastical CAMRA. I am going to throw a question out there and ask what some of us have brewing in the back of our minds....... why trigger a debate or arguement about beer? This isnt any arguement that Im trying to get into but I have to wonder whats the point in it really. Beer is the sweet nectar from the gods forget all that wine hoopla the passion and the patience it takes to brew the perfect brew and to pour the perfect pint whether it be from keg, cask, or homebrew is something to be marveled at not debated over not argued about but to be embraced and celebrated. I never thought I would get to the point of having to write about the greatness of beer, again regardless of where it comes from or how it hits the pint glass. The great debate is a mute point from the all knowing CAMRA they shouldnt feel threatened by the keg-a-lution if anything the members should get on board with it because it can only mean steps forward in the future on beer which is what CAMRA as I came to believe in my 2 years of living in the UK stood for. We as beer drinking go out not to get drunk but to enjoy proper beer I know that I could quite happily go to Mr Foleys in Leeds and get a pint of ghost ale from york brewery and then happily switch to a keg beer like Flying Dog Raging Bitch at the North Bar in Leeds followed up by a trip to the ever so  popular beer haven of Bitz Ritz in Headingley and spend a couple more pounds on beers from across the world and not feel bad about any of it. I guess I  shouldnt have an opinion on any of this being a yank and all but Im a changed man since Ive moved over here becuase in the states we dont even know what hand pulled ales are everything is kegged with the exception of the small mirco brewerys we have in the area. I joke with the customers at Foleys and tell them if you put a hand pull in front of the average bar worker in a the city Im from they will look at you funny because all we use are kegged over-produced beer.

In closing guys you know as well as I know the debate of kegged beer vs casked beer is stupid and has no merit in this beer drinkers opinion because a good beer is going to be judged on taste not the type of vessel it was poured from.

All comments are welcome just dont hurt my feelings.



  1. I have to agree with you about the whole keg/cask debate. To coin a phrase from Ferris Buellers Day Off, I've said it before and I'll say it again the method of dispense of our beloved beer is, in my opinion, irrelevant as long as what ends up in the glass tastes good.

  2. Ive had various points of view on this piece some agreeing and others not. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the read.