Thursday, June 16, 2011

Supermarket beer!?!?!?!

I was having a conversation with @Tuff86 today on twitter and we were commenting back and forth on supermarket beer. After my first real experience with real ale I found myself in the massive place that we all know as asda and wondered down the beer isle. It was quite weird for me seeing all these beers and spirits in a store that is like my wal-mart in the states because well we just don't have it there. When walking into asda you still find the over produced lager and other type of things but usually at the end of the isle there is a little slice of heaven for us beer geeks. Real ale that doesnt carry the real price (if that makes any sense). Its perfect for the person curious about what real ale taste like if only they could muster up the courage to put the greatness into their cart or basket and just give them a try. Now I've found some real gems in these stores some I can remember some I can't, I've also found some right trash in that particular section but hey there is no rule saying that all real ale is going to taste magical. Now if your like me and like trying new brews then you can do no worse than the supermarket and then gradually move towards specialist beer stores like The Beer Ritz in Leeds and even online with So if your on the fence about trying real ale give it a go and try multiple styles of beer and find your favorite there is more out there than just LAGER.

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